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Testimonials Archive

Dorothy on Adventure Bus


“All it took was one trip on the Adventure Bus to put paid to my wanderings around the globe! This country of ours has so very much to offer and, seen through the eyes of Miss Molly (the AB bus), well this is the only way to go. I’ve traveled via “luxury coaches” in the… Read more →

Felicia and Carolyn

Felicia and Carolyn

Another great trip. Thank you for making it such a great experience and for providing a comfortable laid back space for experiencing the Pacific Northwest. I consider you both friends and know there’s always a place to stay in Pittsburgh for you!  Felicia On the road again! Can one trip be better than another? Not… Read more →

Photography Adventure Bus

Calvin Lin

“Thanks Steph and Ardell for another great trip. I look forward to coming back for a third trip in the future!” And in fact Calvin has! He has been on our Grand Canyon and the Wild West, North to Yellowstone and Great Glacier Adventure! Read more →

Rebecca on Adventure Bus


Another  awesome trip! Vacation #3 on the bus. I loved the many different landscapes. This time it was seashore, forest, mountains, desert…. I especially loved the banana slugs. Hope to see you next year! Rebecca has been on our Grand Canyon and the Wild West, North to Yellowstone and Oregon Bound tours. Read more →

graham and ellen Adventure Bus

Graham and Ellen

“Thanks for everything! We had a fantastic time start to finish. See you next year.”   Graham and Ellen have been on our Grand Canyon and the Wild West, Great Glacier Adventure, and will be joining us on our North to Yellowstone in June of 2012! Read more →

Planking Lake Moraine


Grazzi Hafna! I had THE time of my life in the company of great personalities I’m never going to forget! Marina is from Malta, and  joined us for our two week Best of the National Parks tour last summer. Then due to unforeseen changes in her travel plans, she joined us for another 3 weeks… Read more →

Martin and Sarah on Adventure Bus

Martin and Sarah

Wonderful adventure, beautiful scenery, Glad to be a part of the fun. Got a chance to break in my new camera and take things at my own pace. Thanks for everything… On to Washington!  Martin Another fun week on the Adventure Bus. Thank you for all your hard work. You are both awesome! I enjoyed… Read more →