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S’mores are a campfire classic! But what if you don’t have access to a campfire, or due to dry conditions, you aren’t allowed to have one in your campground? Well we have an alternative treat for you! But first, let’s get to the classic! Classic S’mores: Marshmallows Hershey’s Chocolate Bars Graham Crackers Directions: Place 2-3… Read more →

Twenty Years of Moments

For 20 years, Adventure Bus tours have been filled with special moments from sunrises, sunsets, conversations around the campfire, inspiring views, starry nights, challenging hikes, encounters with wildlife… the list goes on and on. We are proud to have been the vehicle to bring these special moments to people, and consider ourselves lucky to share… Read more →

Oteka’s Testimonial

Name: Oteka Reed From: Newark, Texas (near Ft Worth) AB Trips she has done so far: Alaska X2, Maine, Great Glacier Adventure, Canadian Rockies and Washington Coast to Cascades. Favorite Activity: I’d have to say that white water rafting in Alaska was pretty amazing, especially since it was my first time. Favorite Parks: There is no… Read more →

Lisa’s Testimonial

Name: Lisa Strand From: San Diego CA AB Trips she has been on: Glacier, Canadian Rockies, Grand Canyon and the Wild West, Maine, Yellowstone, Alaska, Badlands/Mt. Rushmore Favorite Hikes: I have many favorite hikes!!! The most impressive was hiking the Navajo Loop in Bryce Canyon. The Hoodoos were amazing. The Grand Canyon and Wild West… Read more →

James’s Testimonial

Name: James Grillo Where From: Virginia Beach, VA AB Trips he’s been on so far: Best of the National Parks, Florida Everglades and Keys, Washington Coast to Cascades, Oregon Bound, Alaska 8 Favorite Hike or Activity: Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park, Bus Ride to Eielson Visitor Center in Denali National Park, Shark Valley Tram… Read more →

flamingo sunset

Coconut Rice with Jerk Chicken

Ingredients: jasmine rice 1 can coconut milk chicken tenders shredded carrots cilantro 1 bottle jerk sauce fresh pineapple Cook your jasmine rice as directed, but substitute half the water with the coconut milk. Marinate your chicken tenders in your favorite jerk sauce and sauté. Add in the shredded carrots and cilantro to the chicken and… Read more →

Portland, ME

Welcome to Portland, ME!  If you are joining us for our Maine Adventure, you will be starting and ending your tour in Portland, ME. It’s Maine’s largest city at approximately 66,000. Situated right on the coast, Portland is a great mix of working fishing wharves, public parks, historic buildings and modern eateries. Foodie Town: More… Read more →