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FAQ Archive

What do we bring?

With your confirmation forms, you will receive a packing list and information on what to expect from the climate of your specific tour.  The less you pack, the better! It’ll mean you’ll have less stuff to keep track of. Most of our tours offer laundry at least once throughout the week.  Our tours are pretty… Read more →

What’s included in the price?

Transportation once we have picked you up at the designated pick up hotel, all state and national park entrance fees, all camping fees, camping equipment (sleeping pad and tent), 70% of your food, a cozy bus bed, new friends, and lifelong memories (mountain bike trips include bonus cuts, bruises, and a sore bum). We recommend… Read more →

Camping at Flagg Ranch

Do we have to sleep on the bus?

Only on night drives, which happen approximately 1-2 times per trip. Most of the time, we are only driving until about midnight.   On campout nights many people take the cushions off the bus beds and sleep out under the stars. There are also tents available for those afraid of creepy crawly things or other… Read more →

Do we sleep lying down?

Yes. Adventure Bus is a redesigned full size coach that will accommodate and sleep up to 20 people lying down or 150 of those little circus clowns…300 if you stack em’. Read more →

Is there a bathroom on the bus?

There’s no bathroom and no bathroom ‘smell’ on the bus. We utilize the campgrounds at which we stop, rest stops, and other facilities for smoke breaks and bathroom stops whenever the need arises. It is everyone’s big concern before their tour, but they soon agree it is the best way to go! Our schedule is… Read more →

Yellowstone Elk

What about showers?

One of the most popular questions we get, is “When do we get showers?” We do not have a shower on the bus, so we utilize the facilities in the campgrounds we stay in. On most tours you’ll get a shower at some point everyday, and or at least every other day. On occasion we… Read more →

Crater Lake Group on Adventure Bus

I’m traveling alone/Is it a safe trip for single women?

Yes! Traveling in a group is perfect for the solo traveler, especially the single female traveler. Because the Bus is a very social setting,  a quick bond forms and everyone looks out for each other. During the day, small groups tend to form each day based on common interests and abilities, and then we all… Read more →