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COVID Updates

2020 was a pretty rough year for all of us! We missed being out on the road, hiking, camping, exploring the National Parks, and doing it all with YOU! Currently on our web site you will find our 2021 dates. Many of these tours are already booked with folks who postponed their tour in 2020, but you should still contact us for the latest status or to be put on a waiting list., 909-633-7225 or use our contact us form.

As of right now (Jan. 13, 2021) we are recommending people hold off on booking their flights and hotels as we feel things are still a bit up in the air. We are very hopeful that the roll out of the vaccine will help with the confidence and safety of travel in 2021.

When we do get to travel safely again, we will be ready to go! We have been keeping up on all the recommended protocol for cleaning vehicles and equipment, food service, physical distancing, proper use and disposal of PPE, and recognizing signs and symptoms of COVID-19. We have also been keeping track of local and state health departments and CDC mandates as well as travel recommendations, restrictions and testing policies.

Before we hit the road, we will work with you to make sure you understand what to expect as there will be changes in how we do some things. For starters, tour groups will likely be smaller. Meals will be prepped and served differently and may include more pre-packed items. If you are interested in viewing more about these changes and our current COVID Mitigation Plan, you can do so here.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our 2021 tours, COVID policies, cancelation policies, or just to say hi!

Thanks, and stay healthy!
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