Adventure Bus - We take you where you want to go!  Choose your adventure and leave the driving and details up to us.


“All it took was one trip on the Adventure Bus to put paid to my wanderings around the globe! This country of ours has so very much to offer and, seen through the eyes of Miss Molly (the AB bus), well this is the only way to go. I’ve traveled via “luxury coaches” in the past – all over Europe, and they have NOTHING on Molly! Also, I’m not the best hiker and am constantly challenged by heights and claustrophobia, but Stephanie and Ardell are always there to reassure me and they always give me a heads up to let me know what to expect, and also to suggest alternatives and back-up options! Such individual attention is so very much appreciated. AND…the food is fabulous (I’m vegan, so yet another challenge met competently and deliciously by Stephanie!). Such adventures, such fun, such awesome-ness. I use the word ‘awesome’ an awful lot on these trips…….!”

Dorothy has been on our Best Friends/Zion Volunteer Vacation, Death Valley and the Mojave Desert, Grand Canyon and the Wild West, and North to Yellowstone, Trail of the Ancients, Dakota Badlands and Black Hills  Adventures.