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Why we love Zion!

Here are 5 things we love about Zion National Park and look forward to sharing with you on every visit.

#1. Those enormous sandstone cliffs!

Before you even get to Zion, you see it’s towering sandstone cliffs in the distance. From the moment you enter Zion Canyon, you are in awe of these giants, as you should be! These are some of the tallest sandstone cliffs in the world! Even their names are intriguing! ¬†One of the best places to experience them in the park is on the Riverwalk/Narrows hike, where the canyon begins to “narrow” and you can stand in the cool waters of the Virgin River, and stare up at these magnificent 1000 ft+ walls!









#2. The Virgin River!
For thousands of years, this river has been carving the canyon, removing over 1 million tons of sediment a year. Not only has it given us this beautiful canyon, but it sustains the lush riparian environment of the canyon floor, giving us shady Cottonwoods, blooming cacti and wildflowers, and a luscious place for us to cool our feet on a hot day!



#3. Weeping Rocks with Hanging Gardens
Hike the Emerald Pools, Riverwalk or Weeping Rock Trail and you’ll notice water trickling right out of the rock walls. These seeps and springs provide the perfect spot for plants and wildflowers to grow, creating hanging gardens. Some of our favorites flowers to spot are Golden Columbine and Shooting Stars.










#4. The view from Scout’s Point and Angel’s Landing
Although this hike is not for everyone (NOT recommended if you have a fear of heights) it’s hard to beat the views high above the canyon. The last half mile of Angel’s Landing involves posts and chains, but if this isn’t for you, the views at Scout’s Landing, and along the way up and down the trail are stunning also!


#5. The Shuttle:
Although they can be crowded, the shuttle system at Zion is a blessing! Not only does it get us to our desired trailheads, it significantly cuts down on the noise, traffic and congestion in Zion Canyon. The drivers are also super helpful and the narration while riding up the canyon is very informative.



These are just a few of the things we look forward to experiencing in Zion and is just the beginning of what this great park has to offer. There are several great trails including Emerald Pools, Kayenta, Grotto, Weeping Rock, Hidden Valley, Observation Point, Riverwalk, Narrows, Pa’rus and Watchman. The Zion Lodge, Human History Museum and Visitor Center are also worth stopping at. Even just finding a spot to sit and dangle your feet in the Virgin River while gazing up at the canyon walls will allow you to appreciate the sanctuary and majesty of Zion!


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