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The Best of Bryce

Bryce National Park is one of those places that no matter where you look, there is beauty all around. You simply can’t go wrong with where you explore.

Here are a five things we look forward to experiencing each time we visit the park.

#1. YOUR first time to Bryce…
The first time I stood on the rim of Bryce Canyon, I was so overwhelmed, my eyes filled with tears. The colors and the shapes were all so unique, and otherworldly and completely unexpected. I will never forget that moment!  We love to see how others react to their first time viewing Bryce Canyon.



#2. The View from Bryce Point
Although any spot along the rim is breathtaking, Bryce Point is the highest along the Bryce Amphitheater and offers sweeping views of the sea of hoodoos and the Aquarius Plateau in the distance. It’s a great spot for a group photo, and a good starting point for the Rim Trail or Peek-a-Boo Loop Trail.



#3.The Hoodoos
The sandstone pinnacles or hoodoos are something out of a fairytale! From the rim they look like soldiers, all lined up. From below, their beautiful orange color against the bright blue sky is mesmerizing. They come in all shapes and sizes! You can find heads of dragons, torches, Thor’s Hammer, and even Queen Victoria herself in this sea of sandstone! If science is your thing, the hoodoos are a great lesson in geology. Due to the high elevation at Bryce Canyon (8,000 ft), there are over  300+ freeze- thaw cycles every year. This accelerates the rate of the erosion and determines the shape  of the sandstone and the formation of the hoodoos.










#4. The Trees:
Walk the Rim Trail and you will weave in and out of grand Ponderosa Pines. I know it sounds crazy, but take the time to smell these trees! You’ll get a wiff of vanilla or butterscotch! Along the rim, you’ll also saunter past some of the oldest trees on earth, the Bristlecone Pine. These trees must grow at higher elevations, and are only found in a few select places including Bryce Canyon and Great Basin National Parks. Hike down Wall Street and you can gaze up at towering Douglas Fir among the the canyon walls.






#5. The Trails
Hiking at Bryce is simply magical. We love the Rim Trail for it’s views. It’s an easy trail, but may take you a while as you will be stopping every 10 feet to catch your breath in amazement of the view and to snap another shot of the amazing hoodoos! The Navajo Loop/Queen’s Garden trail combo offers unforgettable scenery. The trail meanders through the hoodoos of the canyon. Just don’t forget, if you hike down, you must hike up! It is 100% worth it!















These five are just a sampling of what makes Bryce Canyon so magical and memorable. We could have mentioned other things, like the beautiful lavender lemmondrops and sego lilies wildflowers we find along the rim, watching the violet green swifts dart out into the canyon, the tiny horned toads, Utah prairie dogs, and the pronghorn antelope, but we always like to leave a few things to surprise you when you get to explore Bryce Canyon!





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