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Trip Highlights Archive

Navajo National Monument

Hiking to Betatakin Ruins in Navajo National Monument is one of the best ways to explore a well preserved ruin while enjoying the beautiful red rock landscape of northern Arizona. It is situated in a shady alcove, which has helped to protect and preserve this dwelling. Rumors of it being haunted kept bandits and thieves… Read more →

Florida Hen in the Everglades

The Birds of Everglades National Park

The birds of Everglades National Park are a highlight of our Florida Keys and Everglades tour. Often just feet away from the trails and boardwalks, its a delight to see the storks, cranes, herons, hens, ibis and the truly unique roseate spoonbill upclose. Here are a few examples of the birds we have spotted in… Read more →

Glacier Goat

Wildlife sightings in 2011

2011 was a great season for wildlife sightings! We traveled through 8 states and 16 National Parks and saw everything from lizards to bears, moose and deer, and even a wolverine! See some of the highlights below in our Youtube video! Thanks to those who shared their wildlife photos with us! Read more →

Bandelier National Monument

Frijoles Canyon is home to Bandelier’s Ancestral Puebloans dwellings. The inhabitants of this canyon built in a similar style to that of Chaco Canyon, but also made use of the magnificent cliff walls, building rooms right into the cliff walls. You’ll see the Big Kiva, Long House, and if you travel further into the canyon… Read more →