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Gloria (age 12)

Thanks a lot Stephanie and Ardell! I had lots of fun while I was in Utah and want to come back in the near future. This trip was an inspiration to me to travel the world and taught me there is more out in this world than just what is in Ohio. Thanks again! Grand… Read more →


“Thank you so much for making this wonderful tour. Thanks to you finally, my dream came true! Arches National Park is…. I have no words to describe this park. But I can say this, it is the most mysterious and beautiful place ever. Once again thank you very, very much. I had a really wonderful… Read more →


The combination of the places we went and the things we did, while sharing it all with such great people from all over the globe. The experience was truly one that I believe could only be had on the Adventure Bus. I would never trade it for a hotel. Rick, Best of the National Parks… Read more →


      Mountain Biking will never be the same again! Fantastic trip! Thanks to Steph and Ardell for looking after us, and Mo for showing us a good time! We will be back with the guys who could not make this trip. Express Charter, April 2005 Read more →


I came away bursting with energy, feeling healthier than ever before and burning with a desire to explore even more. Memories of the view from the top of Angels Landing, sunrise at Monument Valley, shooting stars, camp fires, S’Mores, rapelling off stone arches, rafting the Snake River, spotting bison, moose and grizzlies. The great people,… Read more →

Adventure Bus Review

Michelle Hardy

Adventure Bus was awesome!! Great new friends, amazing places … my trip with you was one of the highlights of my time in the US. Thank you so much for everything, you really did surpass all my expectations. I’ll be back!! Grand Canyon and the Wild West, 2010 Read more →