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Testimonials Archive

Melissa at Grinnell at Glacier


Adventure Bus – Thanks so much for the fantastic trip to Grand Canyon, Yellowstone etc. I particularly enjoyed sun bathing on the North Rim of the Canyon and seeing that grizzly at Yellowstone. The hikes were particularly enjoyable, especially the one to the outhouse. One suggestion, next time , it would be great if you… Read more →


Stephanie and Ardell, You truly have something great going on here! I love Adventure Bus! This is trip number two, and I’m ready for more! I love the bus, the fresh air, and activity, the sights, and the people, (oh yeah, the food too!) If I had the time and money, I would come on… Read more →

Adventure Bus Review


“I’ve been on the adventure bus 3 times and did 4 different tours. 2010: Great Glacier Adventure and Washington Coast to Cascades. 2008:Grand Canyon and the Wild West 2007:North to Yellowstone Without any exaggeration: all of those trips where unique, interesting and fun. I saw places that I could never imagine. I learned things that… Read more →

Adventure Bus Review

Carl and Carol

The best part of the trip was the relaxed camping feeling and the outdoors environment. Loved it all. Thanks for a wonderful trip. Carl Gosh, that is a hard one, as there were many favorite things about the trip. Guess it was the people involved. We had a great time together. Carol Grand Canyon and… Read more →


“Thanks to you both, I can now pee in the great outdoors without shame! Seriously, I’ve so appreciated the “up close and personal” look/experience: from the bacteria mats (Yellowstone of course) to buffalo burgers. Your expertise has been invaluable and your humor and flexibility has made this week one of the greatest adventures of my… Read more →

Andy from Switzerland

“Hey Adventure Bus Team! It has been GREAT being on this trip with you… so many highlights… Thank you again for providing real good, tasty food… at all times. I will definitely recommend AB to anyone wanting to do trips like this. May God bless you in your business life as well as in your… Read more →


Beyond all of my expectations! Rates at the top of my travel trips. Great scenery, food, and people. Thanks so much. Grand Canyon and the Wild West, September 2007 Read more →

Tanya and Kelly

This trip was amazing! I learned so many things. Thank you so much for taking care of us non-hikers. I was amazed at how much I was able to do.  ~Tanya A great trip! As a non-hiker and a non-camper, it was awesome. I would do it again. Everyone was really great! ~Kelly Grand Canyon… Read more →