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Mary on Adventure Bus

Mary Cooper

I had a great time once again on the Adventurebus!  I’m beginning to think that half the adventure is meeting all the personalities that come on the trips.  I always know I’ll like them because we are all the same in that we love to hike and camp. Thanks for all your diligent work to find the most interesting… Read more →

Renee on Adventure Bus


“Thanks for such a wonderful vacation! You run a fantastic trip and help everyone out. I will see you again hopefully!”   And she did! Later in the summer!   “Another awesome trip! You both do a fantastic job. Thanks for showing me the Pacific Northwest. We were so fortunate with the weather. Hopefully I… Read more →

Adventure Bus Review


My experiences? Well, suffice it to say, after my first Adventure Bus summer, I quit my full-time job, put my house up for sale and moved to Utah to hang out with Stephanie and Ardell. My love for Utah’s red rocks and canyons continues to this day. Who knew when I signed up for my… Read more →

Mary Beth in Oregon


“Thanks for the hail, the panic attack, the wet towel, sore knees, and fat lip. Hope to be back soon!” Marybeth has been on Baja Sun Safari, Grand Canyon, North to Yellowstone, Trail of the Ancients, Colorado Peaks and Canyons, and Great Glacier Adventure, Washington Coast to Cascades, Dakota Blackhills and Badlands, and Oregon Bound,… Read more →

Adventure Bus Review


Our last trip in August 2006 (#4) was just great! I was really relaxed and enjoyed everything so much. It was especially nice to know what side trips I wanted to go on, but I’m not sure I’ll do the horseback trip at Bryce Canyon again. It was great and beautiful, expert guides with a… Read more →