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FAQ Archive

Access to a phone/email?

There is usually phone service available almost every day on most tours. Campgrounds may or may not have service. Some have wifi, but it doesn’t always cooperate! We do not recommend bringing a lap top, as camping can be a bit dusty! Our bus can charge cell phones and camera batteries while we are moving,… Read more →

Hiking in Bryce

Life on the Bus: Do I have to be in great shape?

Sometimes people are concerned about the difficulty of the hikes and activities, especially if they are not in the best shape of their lives. We do our best to offer diverse options each day so that everyone can enjoy our tours! Long and short hikes. Technical and smooth. Flat and steep. We’ll recommend trails and… Read more →

Can I bring my toys?

We can carry mountain/road bikes, kayaks, wind surfers, surfboards, scuba equipment, mother in laws (must ride in baggage compartment and have own food/water dish) and three toed sloth’s. In any case please let us know what you are bringing above and beyond the norm so we can allot the space. Read more →

Do I have to stay with the group?

When we arrive at our destination you’re welcome to hang out with your new bus friends or take off on your own. However, on certain hikes we will recommend not hiking alone or in groups of 2-4 because of wildlife.  We will always prep you for the days activity/location, but it will be your responsibility… Read more →

How long has Adventure Bus been around?

Kyle Lapp founded Adventure Bus in 1997. His goal was to create an affordable way for like-minded people from all over to get together, get outside, see the world and have fun with nature. Stephanie Emery took over Adventure Bus in 2004 and has been running the company and tours since then. Her goal, along… Read more →