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FAQ Archive

Camping in Durango

Can my kids come?

Kids are welcome on AB with the understanding that they will be exposed to different things onboard Adventure Bus than they would experience at Disneyland. Kids love the bus, but you know best what your children can handle. If they’ve had previous hiking and camping experience, they will love our adventures. Historically, certain tours tend… Read more →

Navajo Stew

What’s on the Menu?

We prepare 70% of the food for you with our own camping equipment, and we love to have helpers! Our guides have their food handlers permits and LOVE to cook. We do 2-3 meals out on the road and in the unique towns that we visit throughout each tour. Breakfasts always include coffee, tea, juice,… Read more →

Spending money/ATM’s & MAC’s?

Having $20 per extra per day is suggested for extra meals and the optional group activities i.e. rafting, horseback rides or a movie. ATMs are available at most locations, and most places accept credit cards and traveler’s checks. Read more →

What is Adventure Bus and is it for me?

AB is a unique and affordable, down to earth way to travel to great places. Our converted Adventure Bus comfortably sleeps up to 20 people. If you like the outdoors, an easygoing atmosphere, relaxed travel schedules and interesting people, then AB is for you! Read more →

Will I find my ‘true love’ on the Adventure Bus?

We can only guarantee you a hug or a handshake from your drivers at the end of the trip, but perhaps, as many relationships have transpired upon our wonderful journeys. We do however think you’ll make friends you’ll keep in touch with and perhaps even travel with again! Many folks meet for the first time… Read more →

Death Valley Hiking

How physically fit do I have to be?

Our trips are as easy or hard as you to make them. If you want to hike, bike or swim all day, you will find others that will want to do the same. Just as easily, you can sit under a big tree, relax and read a book. Sometimes people are concerned about the difficulty… Read more →

The food/I’m a vegetarian?

The food is Excellent! Vegetarians are easily accommodated, as well as vegans, lactose intolerants, kosher, and allergies  if we know ahead of time! We do pesto pastas, stir-fries and chilis, and usually have both meat and meatless options! Read more →