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Pam’s Testimonial

Name: Pam Perry From: Irving, TX AB Trips you’ve been on: 6 I think. Best of the West and Grand Canyon twice, Yellowstone, Glacier, Alaska, and Canada Favorite Hike or Activity: I really enjoy the trips that offer multiple activity choices such as white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, biking, etc. I haven’t been able to do… Read more →

New Tour Trail of the Ancients

Our May 17th Trail of the Ancients Tour is now available for everyone.  Hike among the ancient ruins of the Ancestral Puebloens in the beautiful red rock settings of the Four Corner’s Region. Explore Chaco, Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley and Bandelier. Also spend a day exploring Durango, CO. Kayak the Animas River or… Read more →

Mt Rainier Hiking

Our Favorite Hikes at Mt Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is a hiker’s paradise. There are more than 260 miles of trails including the 93 mile Wonderland Trail that encircles the entire mountain. On our Washington Coast to Cascades tour, we spend our day at Paradise near the Henry M Jackson Memorial Visiter Center. There, you can take in easy trails… Read more →


Welcome to the Adventure Bus Blog. We freely admit that blogging and all the other forms of social networking and media are new to us, but we hope our blog will give more folks a chance to get to know our crew and how we travel, and become part of our extended family of  adventure… Read more →

AB Recipe: Fresh Berry Pound Cake

                Here is an easy but super yummy desert! It is a nice and light tasting desert. Ingredients: 1 pre made bound cake 2-3 cups berries (strawberries, black berries, raspberries, huckleberries, whatever you have) 1/2 cup sugar Mash 1 cup of berries and add in sugar. Mix easily… Read more →

Chaco Culture

15 Days until “National Park: America’s Best Idea” Chaco Canyon was the center of the Ancient Puebloan culture from 850-1250AD. When you visit Chaco, you’ll see just how advanced this culture was. Fajada Butte and the sun daggers were used to predict the change in seasons, using shadows on the summer and winter equinox. Evidence… Read more →

Can’t Wait for the Wild Flowers!

I love the desert. I love the colors and the clarity it has. It never ceases to amaze me how efficient life is in the desert. I am constantly wondering how plants and animals can survive and amazed at their ability to adapt. Plants seem to pop right out of rocks, without soil and water!… Read more →

AB Recipe: Make your own Burritos

Burritos Ingredients: ground beef or turkey taco seasoning refried beans guacamole chopped onions chopped tomatoes chopped olives chopped cilantro shredded cheese, cheddar or Mexican Mix sour cream salsa tortillas Chop all veggies. Fry ground meat and add taco seasoning as directed. Heat up refried beans. Heat tortillas. Fill your tortilla with the ingredients you want… Read more →

AB Recipe: A Great Pasta Salad

Here is a great recipe for a hot summer night, not too filling. Add some pepperoni or salami or serve with fried chicken. Pasta Salad1 jar roasted red peppers chopped2 small zucchini diced and sauted2 small summer squash diced and sauted1 can sliced black olives1 red onion sauted2 small jars artichokes8-16oz crumbled feta cheese1-2 boxes… Read more →