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Chaco Culture

15 Days until “National Park: America’s Best Idea” Chaco Canyon was the center of the Ancient Puebloan culture from 850-1250AD. When you visit Chaco, you’ll see just how advanced this culture was. Fajada Butte and the sun daggers were used to predict the change in seasons, using shadows on the summer and winter equinox. Evidence… Read more →

Can’t Wait for the Wild Flowers!

I love the desert. I love the colors and the clarity it has. It never ceases to amaze me how efficient life is in the desert. I am constantly wondering how plants and animals can survive and amazed at their ability to adapt. Plants seem to pop right out of rocks, without soil and water!… Read more →

AB Recipe: Make your own Burritos

Burritos Ingredients: ground beef or turkey taco seasoning refried beans guacamole chopped onions chopped tomatoes chopped olives chopped cilantro shredded cheese, cheddar or Mexican Mix sour cream salsa tortillas Chop all veggies. Fry ground meat and add taco seasoning as directed. Heat up refried beans. Heat tortillas. Fill your tortilla with the ingredients you want… Read more →

AB Recipe: A Great Pasta Salad

Here is a great recipe for a hot summer night, not too filling. Add some pepperoni or salami or serve with fried chicken. Pasta Salad1 jar roasted red peppers chopped2 small zucchini diced and sauted2 small summer squash diced and sauted1 can sliced black olives1 red onion sauted2 small jars artichokes8-16oz crumbled feta cheese1-2 boxes… Read more →

Bus Grand Tetons

Who Travels on the Adventure Bus?

Who Travels on the Adventure Bus? Everyone! Teachers, students, mountain bikers, families, musicians, lawyers, doctors, photographers, writers, democrats AND yes, even republicans! Folks of all ages and from all walks of life with a desire for a different experience choose to ride on the Adventure Bus. First time hikers and campers as well as experienced… Read more →

New Favorite Place!

Just when I thought we had explored most of the great sites in Southern Utah, we got to spend a few days in stunning Angel Canyon at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. The scenery is just as inspiring as the dedication of the folks that run the sanctuary. On this special charter tour, we teamed up… Read more →

Monument Valley Sunrise

Why is Adventure Bus Different?

Folks choose Adventure Bus tours for their own reasons, and everyone experiences them in their own way. At the very least, you’ll see extraordinary places and meet great people. Chances are you’ll make memories that will inspire you time and time again. For us, Adventure Bus is an opportunity to explore the outdoors and make… Read more →

Hiking in Bryce

Life on the Bus: Do I have to be in great shape?

Sometimes people are concerned about the difficulty of the hikes and activities, especially if they are not in the best shape of their lives. We do our best to offer diverse options each day so that everyone can enjoy our tours! Long and short hikes. Technical and smooth. Flat and steep. We’ll recommend trails and… Read more →

Relaxing by the Bus

How was Adventure Bus Started?

Adventure Bus was founded by Kyle Lapp based on the belief that cubicles and time cards are things one might find in hell. He knew that the real world exists outside in Gods Country, so he created a company that could take the average Joe or Jolene as far away from work as possible. Kyle… Read more →