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Avalanche Lake Boots and Pack

Life on the Bus: What do we Bring?

The most important rule in adventure travel and especially on Adventure Bus is to bring only what you are absolutely certain you will need. Packing too much stuff can create more frustration and lessen the enjoyment. We recommend guests bring one duffel bag or soft-sided suitcase, one sleeping bag, and a daypack for carrying your… Read more →

Good food awaits!

Navajo Stew with Fry Bread We love hearing great comments like “That was a great hike!” and “What a terrific view” on our tours, but we know that we can only take so much credit for that. But we can take credit for the food, as we make it all! We think it is important… Read more →

AB Recipe: Pancakes!

Pancakes! Yes we love to serve pancakes! We can even make them gluten free or vegan if that is what you need! Our new favorite way to serve pancakes is Almond Joy Style! Pancakes with almond flakes, coconut flakes and mini chocolate chips! YUM!       Check out our other pancake recipes below: Berry… Read more →

Adventure Bus Celebrates Mardi Gras!

We celebrated Mardi Gras on our last tour with some Gumbo and a King’s Cake. Everyone liked Ardell’s Gumbo so much, we thought we’d share the recipe with you! Enjoy! Ardell’s Gumbo Recipe Ingredients One pound (.4 kg) boneless chicken breasts One pound (.4 kg) boneless SMOKED unsliced ham One pound (.4 kg) Andouille sausage… Read more →

AB Recipe: Oatmeal Sundaes

Oatmeal Sundaes Here is a great way to enjoy hot cereal in the morning! My favorite combo is oatmeal, apples, cinnamon, maple syrup and walnuts. What’s yours? raisins chopped green apples chopped walnuts mapple syrup brown sugar cinnamon dried cranberries or blueberries granola coconut flakes mango pineapple Cook oatmeal as directed and add your own… Read more →

New Tour Trail of the Ancients

Our May 17th Trail of the Ancients Tour is now available for everyone.  Hike among the ancient ruins of the Ancestral Puebloens in the beautiful red rock settings of the Four Corner’s Region. Explore Chaco, Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley and Bandelier. Also spend a day exploring Durango, CO. Kayak the Animas River or… Read more →

Mt Rainier Hiking

Our Favorite Hikes at Mt Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park is a hiker’s paradise. There are more than 260 miles of trails including the 93 mile Wonderland Trail that encircles the entire mountain. On our Washington Coast to Cascades tour, we spend our day at Paradise near the Henry M Jackson Memorial Visiter Center. There, you can take in easy trails… Read more →


Welcome to the Adventure Bus Blog. We freely admit that blogging and all the other forms of social networking and media are new to us, but we hope our blog will give more folks a chance to get to know our crew and how we travel, and become part of our extended family of  adventure… Read more →

AB Recipe: Fresh Berry Pound Cake

Here is an easy but super yummy desert! It is a nice and light tasting desert.Ingredients:1 pre made bound cake2-3 cups berries (strawberries, black berries, raspberries, whatever you have)1/2 cup sugar Mash 1 cup of berries and add in sugar. Mix easily with the other berries. Slice the pound cake and drizzle with the berries…. Read more →