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Life on the bus Archive

Annamaria’s Testimonial

  Name: Annamaria From: Connecticut/Hungary AB Trips she’s been on: 2007:North to Yellowstone 2008: Grand Canyon and the Wild West 2010: Great Glacier Adventure and Washington Coast to Cascades 2016:Alaska 2017: Canadian Rockies   Favorite Hike or Activity: If I have to pick: my favorite hike is Logan’s Pass at Glacier. It’s just beautiful and the… Read more →

North Rim: Peace and Quiet at the Grand Canyon

North Rim of Grand Canyon National Park is quiet, peaceful, and of course grand! The calm, the cooler temperatures, and colorful splendor make this a memorable place. Here are a few things of our favorites at North Rim. Bright Angel Point A short hike takes you out to Bright Angel Point along the rim of… Read more →

Twenty Years of FUN!

We have had no shortage of fun times on the Adventure Bus over the last 20 years! From swimming in Lake Powell to singing in the rain in Glacier. But what makes it all fun? Our terrific guests who always remember to pack their sense of adventure and humor! Thanks for 20 years of fun!… Read more →

Mindy’s Testimonial

Name: Mindy Hardy Where From: Ohio AB Trips she’s been on so far: Grand Canyon and the Wild West, Trail of the Ancients, Colorado Peaks & Canyons, Great Glacier Adventure, Washington Coast to Cascades, Dakota Badlands & Black Hills (2 times), Canadian Rockies   Favorite Hike or Activity:  I can’t narrow it down to one… Read more →

Monument Valley

You may not know it by name, but you’ve seen it in the movies, in commercials, calendars, etc. But nothing compares to seeing it person, and nothing compares to camping there and waking up to a truly Monumental sunrise. Monument Valley is a Navajo Tribal Park. Here are a few things we love about it!… Read more →

Ronda’s Testimonial

Name: Ronda Where From: Missouri AB Trips you’ve been on so far: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Death Valley, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, Trail of the Ancients, Glacier, Washington, Oregon, Canada,   Comments: I can’t get enough of Adventure Bus. Since discovering them in 2007 I don’t think I have missed a year. Many years taking more than… Read more →

Adventure Bus Mu Shu Pork Wraps

AB Recipe: Moo Shoo Pork Wraps

This is a terrific easy and healthy recipe! We like to serve it with an Asian side salad of spinach, oranges, almonds and sesame dressing. Ingredients: 1 lb ground pork 2 bags pre made cabbage cole slaw mix or broccoli slaw mix 1 package match stick carrots chopped cilantro chopped scallions garlic or garlic powder… Read more →

Mazza Plate

AB Recipes: Mediterranean Night!

More of a menu, then a recipe, Mediterranean Night is a great idea on a hot summer night. You can do a lot of prep ahead of time (tabouleh and pasta salad). Here is what we like to serve: Hummus and pita wedges and carrot sticks Tabouleh Salad (an easy mix you make ahead of… Read more →

Mt Rainier

Tours on Sale until May 1st!

We’ve put the following tours on sale until May 1st, 2013. May 25th-June 1st Trail of the Ancients only $795 +6%tax June 8-15 Grand Canyon and the Wild West only $795 +6% tax June 29-July 5th North to Yellowstone only $795 + 6% tax July 13-19 Dakota Badlands and Black Hills only $795 Aug 18-24… Read more →