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Life on the Bus: The Crew

So who exactly is the Adventure Bus Crew?

The Adventure Bus Crew is made up of a handful of fun loving, experienced, accommodating personnel. From emails and reservations, to driving, cooking, and hiking, we do it all. This allows us to add a very personal touch to your experience from beginning to end. We’ve been driving, guiding and running the company for more than 10 years and are Wilderness First Responder certified. We strive to keep our adventures affordable, safe, fun, flexible and fresh, so that anyone and everyone can experience a unique adventure.

Here is a little bit of insight into the main crew you’re likely to meet on every tour:

Stephanie Emery
Originally from West Paris, Maine, Stephanie has been with Adventure Bus since 2003, and running the company for 7 seasons. She started out as a passenger on the Best of the National Parks tour back in 2002, came back for several more tours and did everything she could to be involved until she eventually took over the company! She loves music, hiking, trying new recipes, traveling and photography. She now lives in Moab, Utah.

Ardell Hollobaugh
Ardell began guiding and driving for AB in 2002, and has been an Adventure Guide for over 15 years. He hails from Newark, OH and Southern California. He loves trout fishing, eating fried chicken, and thrift stores. He makes a mean pot of Navajo Stew and delivers us safely to our destinations while we sleep soundly through the night (with a little help from Dr. Pepper) He’s super handy at changing tires, provoking buffalo stampedes, smoking salmon and assisting with running the company. He now lives in Moab, Utah.

10Originally from New Jersey, Molly much prefers the canyons and the mountains of the West to the interstates of Jersey. She has been reliably and comfortably delivering us to the most beautiful destinations for  seasons, and plans to do so for several more!

4Come travel with us in 201! We guarantee you’ll have an unforgettable time!

Life on the bus