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Can’t Wait for the Wild Flowers!

I love the desert. I love the colors and the clarity it has. It never ceases to amaze me how efficient life is in the desert. I am constantly wondering how plants and animals can survive and amazed at their ability to adapt. Plants seem to pop right out of rocks, without soil and water! And then there are the wild flowers..

In certain years we get treated to a more spectacular show than usual, and it looks like Spring 09 will be no exception!  The wild flower reports out of Death Valley, Joshua Tree and Mojave Preserve look very promising. And lucky us, we will be hiking there at the peak of it on our upcoming Death Valley and the Mojave Desert March 30-April 3. Even luckier us, we’ll get to see the show again in May on our Best of the West tour, and in our own backyard! Join us for one of these tours and you can see the splendor too!  Here are a few more shots from last spring.
Take care,
Stephanie, Adventure Bus Crew


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